Windows 10 ways for a quick shutdown / restart
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Sunday, 06 September 2015

Well to shutdown or restart Windows 10, you need to go to Start, then Power, then choose Shut down or Restart.

Well this requires to move my mouse, so pfff! not an option!

Well I could always Win+R and type shutdown -s -t 0 and enter, to do it by keyboard but I'm not that weird yet (shutdown -r -t 0 , to restart).

If you are on the desktop or move to the desktop (Win+D), you can always Alt+F4, then click enter to shutdown or go down once (using down arrow key) and then enter.

But I wanted something faster, because there are cases that calling gui controls might take a few secs to respond...(without trying to be too bitchy about SLOW Start menu, no option for refresh periods of apps etc ...)

And contributing to my happynes, there is another way! Win+X opens the Power User start menu and by clicking U, you get to the shutdown option and by clicking U again you get it to shutdown or by clicking R you get it to restart.

So Win+X, U, U = Shutdown

and Win+X, U, R = Restart

Note that with this option, if you are using another language for interface, you will have a different keystroke for the final action, depending on the option shortkey underlined.


Last updated ( Sunday, 06 September 2015 )

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