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Command Line Copy
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Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Copy text from the console window

Way back in the days of DOS, it was not uncommon to enter text directly from the command window into a file with the "copy" command. That is less common in Windows but the capability is still there. Output from the command window or console is denoted by CON. (It is not case-sensitve.) To copy text from the command window to a file "sometext.txt",

the sequence of statements would be copy con sometext.txt

First line of your desired text
some more text...


The last line indicates the keyboard combination of the Control key and "z" followed by pressing the Enter key.

This command terminates the sequence and sends the text to the desired file, which it creates. This particular example places the file in the working directory but other paths can be used.

Last updated ( Tuesday, 23 November 2010 )

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