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What apps to install on a clean installation (Windows 7+) part 2
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Written by Administrator
Thursday, 06 August 2015

This is a continue from What apps to install on a clean installation (Windows 7+).

So now that we installed most of the software lets set it up to properly run in the background adn change some settings.

Auslogics Defrag Free

Go to Settings / Program Settings

On tab SSD Drive Support, check "Use only SSD defragmentation"

On tab, Disc Cleanup, check "Delete temprary files...", "Empty Recycling bins...", "Clear Windows Updates..."

and click OK.

Then go to Settings / Scheduler and lets put this on schedule.

Click "Defragment automatically", change period to "Monthly" (everything less than a week is an overkill and useless waste of time and resources) and click the option to "Stop defragmentation when a program launches on fullscreen" so as to avoid issues when playing a game or a movie and the damn thing starting in the meantime.

Now on the 1st day (or next applicable) of everymonth it will automaticaly defrag your pc.



This is one powerful little tool!

It's probably one of the best and most thorough cleaners in the market allowing you to set many options and program specific options.

However what is very useful is

1 - The registry cleaner (If you are not sure what this does, please refrain from using it. There are some very rare cases that you might actually create an issue where there was none)

2 - Under Tools the Startup feature - it allows you to have full control of what is loading when your pc starts and even control addons on all major programs.

3 - Choose which cookies to keep. Most sites use cookies to store information, some of theese cookies are useful (for example in online games they store browser information, login credential to remember you and so on) but some of them are blatant security risks and unless you are using a site regularly there is no point in keeping them around. So you get the option to choose which cookies the cleaner will keep regardless of default settings. To allow a full path for example all cookies from, you just add either or * .



This editor comes with full whistles and bells and Santa and his raindeers. What few people know is that it also has some of the most useful addons, that can turn this editor into a solution for an increasing number of small issues.

Ever wanted to read a csv file without first loading into an excel and somehow be able to query its columns. Use "SQL" addon.

Ever wanted to convert a JSON string into a tree, use "JSON viewer".

Ever wanted to compare two files and spot the differences, use "Compare".


Now onwards to media on part 3.

Last updated ( Saturday, 08 August 2015 )

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